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Adéla Pollertová


Adéla Pollertová


7th of August 1976, in Prague


1995 - Graduated from the Dance Conservatory in Prague

2012 - Academy of Performing Arts –  MgA.


1993 - Summer Dance Academy in Dresden - Palucca Schull

1994 - Summer Dance Academy in Cologne


1995 - 2004 - Hamburg Ballet (in 1998 promoted to ballet soloist)

2004 - present - National Theatre in Prague (ballet soloist)


1999 - German prestigious awards for young artists - „Dr. Wilhelm Oberdörffer Preis“

2004 - Wider nominated for the Thalia Award for the leading female role in the ballet D.M.J. 1953 – 1977 (Petra Zuska)

2006 - Thalia Award for the portrayal of Juliet in the ballet Romeo and Juliet (Youri Vamos)

2008 - Wider nomination for the Thalia Award for the role of Sylphide from the ballet La Sylphide (August Bournonville)

2008 - Price Commercial Bank (This prize is awarded to the best artists of the National Theatre in the field of ballet) for the role Sylphide of the ballet La Sylphide.

2008 - Elected by the Friends of the National Theatre ballet as Favorite dancer for 2008

2009 - Philip Morrise Ballet Flower Award (prize given to the best artists in the field of classical dance - ballet) in Czech Republic.

2010 - Nomination for the Thalia Awards for the role of Anna from the ballet Periferie (Alena Pešková)


1994 - International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi - bronze medals and awards for the best junior couple in the competition, gold medal for best choreographic work I Feel Good (Robert Balogh)

1994 - The National Ballet Competition in Brno – 1st price – golden medal

Mini CV:

From childhood to 15 years Adela devoted her self to modern gymnastics, receiving several medals in domestic and foreign competitions. She became a junior national team member of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, later Czechoslovakia.

Nowadays, Adela is soloist with The National Theatre Ballet in Prague and guests internationally. She occasionally writing articles, interviews, reports within the dance sector of the Arts.


Adéla Pollertová is teaching at HOLMES PLACE ACADEMY in Karlín. Ballet lessons for bigginers and advenced! Other information HERE of see the Facebook!

Teacher at HAMU (Academy of performing Arts): Ballet and modern dance repertoire

Adéla is teaching at Prague Chambre Ballet - masterclasses for company and open-classes